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Technical Layout

The issues to be addressed are, among others:

  • Determine the optimal unit size of the turbine taking into account the transport infrastructure and crane costs (consider a factory-overhauled second hand mobile crane to be supplied as part of the project, conduct sample calculations assuming the same space requirements, i.e. using the total designated wind park area)
  • Detailed technical specifications (bill of quantities). In this context it shall be assessed if the wind turbines are certified (and by which institution) for the conditions at the site (especially if the site is at high altitude or has extreme weather conditions).
  • Wind park configuration and wake effects (calculate array efficiency)
  • Description of civil works required (access roads, foundations, substation, meteorological stations, etc.)
  • Electrical work (lines, transformers) taking into account the impact of wind parks on distribution/transmission system, the need for upgrades, and safety/protection requirements
  • Training and service requirements for the partner’s wind farm operation and maintenance personnel
  • Potential for local/regional inputs (civil works, check for local tower manufacture)[1]

Further Information


  1. GTZ/TERNA (n.D.): Feasibility Study for Wind Park Development in Ethiopia and Capacity Building. Eschborn