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Toolbox Entry: Micro Hydro Interconnected Mini Grids in Nepal: Potential and Pitfalls

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Last edited on 27/11/2022 by Hector Alfaro
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Main Author
Shakya, Bhupendra ; Bruce, Anna; Macgill, Iain
Publication Year
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Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Mini/micro-grids (when interconnected)

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Enabling distributed technologies
Geographical Scope of the Publication

"...This paper disseminates experiences from Urja Upatyaka, where an interconnected mini grid connecting six MHMGs was developed as a pilot project in western Nepal; as well as insights from a number of other such interconnected grids at different stages of development in Nepal. Development costs for the pilot project proved relatively high, and such projects will therefore only be commercially viable if the project cost can be reduced, or if significant increases in electricity consumption and hence revenue result from the development of the interconnected mini grid. Nevertheless, assessment of the pilot project, as well as feasibility studies from the other projects reveal that these have already delivered many direct benefits, as well as providing lessons which will facilitate further development of interconnected mini grids. This paper identifies some of the key benefits of Micro Hydro Interconnected Mini Grids2 (MHIMGs), and factors that can contribute to their successful deployment and operation."