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Energypedia Quality Matters

It's important that the information made available on is of high quality. Good articles are ones that well written, are factually correct, broad in coverage and have verifiable information. Good articles are illustrated where possible by relevant images and have suitable copyright licenses.

The following is some helpful information and tools on how to maintain the quality of information on

Help & Guidelines

You can find out how you can contribute your first article and use the many features on in our Help Portal.

Do's and Dont's

In order to maintain the high quality of information and to ensure a productive collaborative workspace, we have put together some guidelines for the energypedia community.

Copyrights and Plagiarism

An important topic for an open online platform are copyright issues and plagiarism.

Energypedia respects copyrights and tries to protect intellectual property to the best of its knowledge and ability. Energypedia relies on its community to report possible violations.

Wiki Gardening

Wiki Gardening is the process of incrementally editing wiki pages to preserve continuity, update information, make additional connections and links, and clean it up to be more consistent.

  • Everyone belonging to the energypedia community can do Wiki Gardening!

Maintenance Boxes

Have you ever thought that an article is missing proper references or that two articles are redundant?

You can help to improve energypedia by telling other users about your observation: simply include one of the five maintenance boxes in the article!