Guidelines on Writing a Good Article

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Article Theme

Energypedia is a wiki based platform for information on renewable energy, energy access and energy efficiency in the context of developing countries. Therefore, all articles on energypedia should fit in with the above mentioned themes.

Article Title and Headings

The title of the article should reflect the theme of the article. Kindly capitalise the first letter of all the main words in the article title as well as in the headlines. For example, instead of writing "energy source" as the article title, please write "Energy Source".

Article Structure

A good article should have the following structure:


The "Overview" section in each article should give a short summary of the article so that other users can get an initial understanding of the article.

Main Part

The body of the article should be clustered into different headings.

Further Information

This part should include links to other articles or relevant documents for additional information.


In order to ensure a high quality of articles and avoid plagiarism, we highly encourage all our authors to add relevant references to their articles. Please include the author's name, year of publication, title of publication and link to it, if possible in the reference section.

For instructions on how to add references please see the article: "Inserting References".

Article Categories

To make your articles easily accessible to other energypedia users, don't forget to categorise them. Categories help to consolidate the articles into relevant themes, making it easier for other users to search and find them.

  • To see a list of categories used on energypedia, click here.
  • For help on how to categorise articles, please click here.

Article Length

Long articles are difficult to follow and the reader can easily get lost or confused. Therefore, please create short articles. In the case of a long articles, kindly break them into smaller short articles and link them to one another.

Add Pictures

Pictures increase the aesthetics of the article and attracts users. Therefore, whenever possible, please add pictures to your article. Before adding the picture, kindly upload it to energypedia and then link to it.

Kindly add the appropriate copyrights to the pictures and do not upload pictures where the copyrights are not clear.

Integration Into the Wiki Structure

Links (External/Internal)

Links are especially useful to other users who may want to get further information on a topic. They help to make an article short and precise by interlinking between articles and not repeating the information available elsewhere.

Links also help to structure a wiki so that the individual articles do not get lost. On energypedia we usually distinguish between two types of links:

  1. Internal Link: The first option is to link to another article or to link to a particular headline in another or the same article, within energypedia. If you want to link to a file it needs to be uploaded before. For instructions on linking to a file, click here.
  2. External Link: For instructions on linking to external websites, clickhere.In case of external links, there is a small arrow next to the link.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) as many as 1.6 million people die each year as a result of it. This can be compared with one death every 20 seconds.