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Add References

If you have any problem adding references in your browser, please switch to Firefox.

Adding References Within the Text

References are a must for every single article as they make an article reliable. Thus, every article on energypedia should have a list of references.

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1. Open the article in edit mode.

2. Click on the icon "Cite" and on "Basic". 

3. A pop up menu will appear. Insert your reference text in the pop up menu.

4. Click "Insert". A reference icon will now appear in your text.

After adding the references within the text, it is also important to get a list of references at the bottom of the text. To get a reference list, please follow the following steps:

1. Click on the icon "Insert" in the toolbar

2. Click on the option "More"

3. Select "References list"

Changing References

If you want to edit footnotes or references afterwards, just click on the number of the reference (reference icon) in the wikitext and click on "Edit". Once the change is made, click on "Apply changes".