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Insert Images and Media


1. Before you can insert any document or picture in your article you need to upload the corresponding file into the wiki!

For instructions on how to upload pictures/documents to energypedia, please see this article: "Uploading Pictures and Documents"

2. To insert a picture, click on the "Insert" option in the edit toolbar and on "Images and media".

Inserting images and media.png
3. A pop-up menu will appear.  

If you have previously uploaded images to energypedia, you can see them listed in the "Search" tab. Select the image you want to insert and click____

Click on the "Upload" tab and select a file to upload. You can either click on the "Select a file" button or drop the file inside the dotted area. Cross the box "this is my own work". Then write a description under the file. This method works for images that are our own work. If you want to insert a document or picture from another author you have to follow the process on how to upload pictures and documents (please see this article: "Uploading Pictures and Documents").

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4. A pop up window titled Media settings will appear.

  • In the tab labeled "Advanced" you can set the position, type and size of your image or file. The option "Position" provides the opportunity to put the image right, left or center of the article. To prevent text from floating around the pictures, use center alignment.
  • The option "Image size" allows you to determine the width of the picture. Please do not use more than 800px as it will result in skewed page. The Image type: frame option does not allow you to adjust the picture size.
  • In the tab labeled "General", you can add a caption to your picture. The caption will be displayed below the file when you choose the "Image type" frame or thumbnail. If you choose the Image type: border, then the caption will only be shown when you hover over the picture. Please do not use any special character (&;%, /) in the caption.

Link image to a wiki page.pngInsert file as picture 2.png

5. To change a picture's height or alignment, you can simply click on the picture and then on "Edit".

Editing a picture.png

6. To remove a picture/graph from the article, select the item and press delete on your keyboard.

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