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Part of: GIZ International Fuel Price database
Also see: Lebanon Energy Situation

Fuel Pricing Policies

Local Currency: LBP
Exchange Rate: 1487.24

Last Update:

Prices and the price components are set weekly by the Minister of Energy and Water. Detailed information as well as historical data available on the ministry’s website (only in Arabic). No information available on the formula used to set prices.

Status as of 28.10.2010

Fuel Prices and Trends

Gasoline 95 Octane Diesel
in USD*

in Local Currency

* benchmark lines: green=US price; grey=price in Spain; red=price of Crude Oil

Fuel Price Composition

Price composition for one litre of Gasoline 95 Octane as of 2010/08/17.

GIZ IFP2012 Lebanon1.png
GIZ IFP2012 Lebanon2.png

Source: http://www.energyandwater.gov.lb/pages.asp?Page_ID=44

At a Glance

Transparency of
Price Composition
Transparency of Pricing
Mechanism / Monitoring
IFPDB matrix background.png
IFPDB matrix point.png
IFPDB trafficlight green.png IFPDB trafficlight explanation.png IFPDB trafficlight yellow.png

Detailed weekly information on the price composition of petroleum products. Pricing formula ambigious.

Sources to the Public

Type of Information Web-Link / Source
Price Composition http://www.energyandwater.gov.lb/pages.asp?Page_ID=44
Pump prices and margins http://www.energyandwater.gov.lb/pages.asp?Page_ID=44


Please find more information on GIZ International Fuel Price Database and http://www.giz.de/fuelprices

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