Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller

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Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller UMIC

It is assumed that a smallholder is using drip irrigation (either pressurised or gravity feed) on a garden or a small plot of land. Using the Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller (UMIC), you can upgrade your drip irrigation system so that all your plants are irrigated automatically. Provided you have a continuous water supply to UMIC, you can leave your garden unattended for weeks. This will allow you to become involved in other activities away from the garden; for example, travelling to the market to sell your produce. Measured irrigation is a new method of irrigation scheduling that responds to the prevailing weather conditions. This means that you use much less water without affecting the yield.

Complete documentation for the Unpowered Measured Irrigation Controller UMIC is in Chapetr 2 of the
"Unpowered Measured Irrigation Training Manual for Smallholders" which can be downloaded form the Measured Irrigation website.


Summary of Features

  1. UMIC is completely automatic
  2. No electricity is needed (no batteries, no solar panels, no solenoids valves, no computers, and no electronics)
  3. UMIC is a smart irrigation controller – the irrigation is controlled by the prevailing weather conditions rather than a program
  4. You can adjust the water usage by adjusting the control dripper
  5. You can adjust the irrigation frequency by adjusting the slides on the float
  6. Two floats are provided to increase your options for setting the irrigation frequency
  7. Adjusting the control dripper does not change the irrigation frequency
  8. Adjusting the float does not change the water usage
  9. UMIC can be used for both gravity feed and pressurised irrigation
  10. The irrigation frequency and the water usage are directly proportional to the net evaporation rate
  11. If there is an unexpected heat wave, UMIC will respond appropriately
  12. When it rains, water enters the evaporator and delays the start of the next irrigation
  13. The water usage is independent of the water supply pressure
  14. UMIC uses much less water without affecting the yield
  15. UMIC is incredibly simple and low tech and so there are fewer things to go wrong
  16. UMIC is low cost with free delivery to any postal address in the world (see the Online Shop at the Measured Irrigation website https://www.measuredirrigation.com/shop-1)


Dr Bernie Omodei, Measured Irrigation, Adelaide Australia
Email: bomodei@measuredirrigation.com.au
Phone: +618 82440071  Mobile: +61 403935277

Bernard Mulei, Drydev Kenya, Nairobi Kenya
Email: bernard_mulei@wvi.org
Phone:  +254 772 352203

Leo Ziswenga, iDE Mozambique, Maputo Mozambue
Email: lionelsimba@gmail.com

Dr Rob Kelly, World Vision Australia, Melbourne Australia
Email: rob.kelly@worldvision.com.au
Phone: +613 92872724

Vidya Sagar Rao, Foundation for Sustainable Rural Endeavours, Hyderabad India
Email: mr.vsrao@gmail.com

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