DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit

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control dripper and float switch


The DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit is for smallholders using gravity feed drip irrigation on a garden or a small plot of land. You can automate your drip irrigation system so that water is pumped automatically from your farm pond (or from a rainwater tank, lake or river) to the header tank. All your plants are irrigated automatically so you can leave your plot unattended for weeks. This will allow you to become involved in other activities away from the plot; for example, travelling to the market to sell your produce.

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I recommend that you watch the YouTube video with the title DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit.

The DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit can be purchased online from the Measured Irrigation website: All the other parts required may be purchased locally (for example, a solar panel and a battery).

The adjustable control dripper drips water into the evaporator during the irrigation event. When the water level reaches the float switch, the irrigation stops automatically. The water level in the evaporator falls as water slowly evaporates. Provided that the water level is below the float switch, the irrigation starts automatically at sunset.

Complete documentation for the DIY Solar Drip Irrigation Kit is available from the
"Solar Measured Irrigation Training Manual for Smallholders" which can be downloaded from the Measured Irrigation website


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