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Free The Marginalized Women Advocates (FREMWA)

  • Free The Marginalized Women Advocates (FREMWA) was founded in 2014 and is based in Ghana .
  • Type of organisation: NGO

FREMWA is an NGO ensuring mainstreaming gender into energy projects and ensuring that the practical and strategic energy needs of women and girls particularly are served. FREMWA advocates access to modern energy for women and rural communities, which is essential for the provision of clean water, sanitation and healthcare and for the provision of reliable and efficient lighting, heating and cooking. This modern energy should be affordable and easily accessible to reduce the reproductive burden of women accessing electricity, renewable energy technologies and cleaning cooking stoves and fuels. FREMWA organizes sensitization and awareness on the harmful effects of the use of inefficient fires for cooking, environmental degradation, climate change for traditional leaders, women groups and communities.

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Key Activities
Capacity Building /Education/Training

Awareness creation Advocacy Women Empowerment Gender equality Fundraising Evaluation and Assessments

Main Activities
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Target Groups
for clean cooking:
  • Households
  • Productive use and livelihoods
  • Communities and social institutions (including schools and health centers)
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Energy Solution Focus
CSO icon cooking Asset 7.png Clean cooking

CSO icon biomass Asset 7.png Biomass

Where we work
Our regions of operation are: Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our countries of operation are: Ghana.
Our headquarter is based in:

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Contact Details

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We work together with the following ACCESS coalition partners: Abibimman Foundation, Anonema Ventures, CIWED - Ghana, Daasgifty Quality Foundation - Ghana, Energia, Energypedia, Enventure, Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GHACCO).
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