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  • GHANA HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION (GHEA) was founded in 1965 and is based in Ghana .
  • Type of organisation: NGO

1.Provide opportunity through conferences, seminars, workshops,Annual General Meetings, for members to share knowledge and to discuss problems of Home Economics and its related fields so as to promote better living standards in the home, community and wider society.

2. Encourage research and studies in Home Economics at all levels and encourage their publication.

3. Promote friendly associations with national and international organizations that work for the improvement of homes and family.

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Key Activities
Our key activities are to promote better standards of living through advocacy, influence policy that will help build the individual, home ,the nation and for everybody. We Educate people on anything that will promote good living and healthy life.
Main Activities
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Target Groups
for clean cooking:
  • Households
  • Productive use and livelihoods
  • Communities and social institutions (including schools and health centers)
for electricity:
  • Households
  • Communities and social institutions (including schools and health centers)
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Energy Solution Focus
CSO icon cooking Asset 7.png Clean cooking

Other solutions: Advocacy
Where we work
Our regions of operation are: Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our countries of operation are: Ghana.
Our headquarter is based in:

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Contact Details
We work together with the following ACCESS coalition partners: Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GHACCO).
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