Actual Status of Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) Implementation World Wide

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In the paper from UNEP the question "Fit or Not - Upscaling Renewables using Feed in Tariff " is asked. "We are now in a new era, where energy is key to core development concerns ranging from environmental protection to health safeguards, from economic growth to competitiveness, from poverty alleviation to job creation. We are facing numerous daunting challenges but also wide - ranging opportunities. The accelerating threats of climate change and the heightened will to bring our growth patterns on the sustainability track converge to the immediate need to dramatically upscale the penetration of renewables across the globe, a shift from ‘old ’ to ‘new’ energy."[1]


For more information about Energy and Climate Policy Options, Globally: Feed-inTarrifs at a Glance and the Feed-in Tariff Challange please download the full publication from UNEP.

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UNEP FIT Project

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