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Overview: Air Quality Index in Hanoi

Find here the relevant data for Hanoi, Vietnam:[1]

IQAir AirVisual takes the concentrations of pollutants reported by a station and calculates each pollutant’s AQI value. The pollutant with the highest AQI level, or risk to health, is deemed the "main pollutant." The main pollutant's AQI is the overall Index value. IQAir AirVisual reports from governmental and non-governmental air monitoring stations, updates it in real-time and controls for inappropriate data.[1]

About AirVisual / IQAir

AirVisual was founded in 2015, on the belief that data enables action, and that without air quality data, the hazards of air pollution will remain invisible and unbeatable. AirVisual’s international team, now a part of IQAir, is passionate about empowering citizens through accessible technology to understand their environments and take control. We firmly believe that the will of citizens and communities has enormous power to shape our world into a healthier, smarter place. The support and engagement of citizens around the world forms the backbone of what we do - AirVisual is delighted to broadcast and learn from the global air quality community on a daily basis, shaping our approach to the air pollution problem.

AirVisual provides the world’s #1 international  air pollution app, which offers anyone free access to the world’s largest air quality database, spanning 10000+ locations globally, a list which is growing every day. The app and AirVisual website were the very first to offer a 7-day pollution forecast, developed in-house using machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling you to plan ahead and ensure that your weekly activities happen when air quality is the healthiest.[2]

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