Application of Single Household Biogas Technology

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Application of Single Household Biogas Technology

Title Application of Single Household Biogas Technology
Author Global Environmental Institute
Year 2007
Topics Design/Technology
Use of Biogas
Document Type Study & Report
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Language(s) English
Abstract In line with the ever increasing price of energy, biomass energy sources such as biogas have entered a new phase of development. Household biogas technology has enjoyed a period of rapid development, and the technology is continuing to mature, with more varieties and models developing, and the field of use becoming ever wider. In order to assist more peasants to easily choose an appropriate digester, this book has been written as a reference to aid the comprehensive use of biogas and its digesters.

This book features a systematic and detailed explanation of the types and application environments of digesters, construction and commissioning of digesters, use and management of biogas, and the comprehensive holistic use of gas. This book is designed for farmers and friends interested in using biogas

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