Assessment of Renewable Energy Resource Potential for Mini-grids

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Accurate estimation of renewable energy potential is a preliminary exercise for mini-grid development. While information on solar and wind resources is becoming more readily available from satellite imagery and regional meteorological stations, technologies like small hydro and biomass gasifiers require detailed resource assessments at the site. In any case, despite the readily available information about solar and wind potential it is advisable to look at all possible technologies for a particular site as hydro power and biomass gasification can be more economically attractive.

The following sections provide information and links to resources on how to carry out resource assessments for individual renewable energy technologies.

Approach for Renewable Energy Resource Assessment

The following figure provides possible ranking of technology choices based on the availability of sufficient renewable energy resources.


In the area of hydro power GIZ has developed several guides on resource assessment. For more information:


The process of biomass estimation and methodology of calculation is methodical in nature. Different Biomass estimation methodologies are used for resource estimation. Land records and crop productivity in these lands are procured from relevant revenue, forest, agriculture and research organizations. The vegetation cover, regional socioeconomic,biomass extraction processes, extraction pricing as well as management regimes may differ depending on the ownership pattern existing in the region over land as well as resources.

For more information:


Open data sets and maps are available at:

Guidance and manuals:

Experiences on operating solar radiation resource assessment stations:


Open data sets and maps are available at:

Guidance and manuals:

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