Biogas Handbook

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Biogas Handbook

Title Biogas Handbook
Author University of Southern Denmark
Year 2008
Topics Anaerobic Digestion
Use of Biogas
Document Type Study & Report
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English : Biogas Handbook.pdf

Language(s) English
Abstract The handbook consists of three main parts. The first part, “What is biogas and why do we need it”, provides basic information about biogas technologies, describing the microbiological process of AD and its main applications in the society, the utilisation of biogas and digestate and the technical components of a biogas plant. The second part, entitled “How to get started”, shows how to approach the planning and building of a biogas plant, highlighting also the safety elements to be taken into consideration as well as the possible costs and benefits of such a plant. This part is supported by an EXCEL calculation tool (see the attached CD on the inner back cover). The third part consists of “Annexes” and includes explanation of terms, conversion units, abbreviations, literature and the address list of authors and reviewers.

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