Biogas Promotion in Kenya

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Biogas Promotion in Kenya

Title Biogas Promotion in Kenya
Author Practical Action
Year 2005
Region/Country Africa - Kenya
Topics Design/Technology
Document Type Study & Report
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Language(s) English
Abstract This publication is a summary of the results of a survey commissioned by the Household Energy Regional (HER) Project of Intermediate Technology - Kenya. The survey was carried out by Penroche Development Services Limited (PDS) between September and December, 1995.

The aim of the book is to help development agencies and those involved in the promotion of biogas systems to make informed decisions. It also gives an insight into the critical factors that influence the adoption of biogas technology in Kenya. The survey covered the main biogas promoters in various parts of Kenya. In addition, it examined the various types of biogas plants, implementation strategies, the factors that affect levels of use and those necessary for successful dissemination and adoption of the technology in Kenya.