Building Viable Domestic Biogas Programmes: Success Factors in Sector Development

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This publication is aking the key question "What is the secret of the successful biogas programmes, and what is SNV doing to achieve this?" as its point of departure, the paper identifies five features, and their challenges, of the approach:

  • Thorough, participatory and context-specific preparation;
    EN Building viable domestic biogas programmes success factors in sector development Vietnam 2014.pdf
  • A sustainable sector as the ultimate long-term objective;
  • Interlinking impact and capacity development targets;
  • Promoting a market-oriented approach;
  • Attributing sector-functions to multiple stakeholders.[1]

Information About the Publication

Year: 2014

Sector: Renewable energy

Sub-sector:Domestic biogas

Author: SNV

Pages: 32

Document language: English

Type: Publication

Further Information


  1. SNV (2014).Building viable domestic biogas programmes: success factors in sector development. Retrieved from