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Energy Access
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[[Job description::We are looking for the next leader of EnAccess, a global non-profit organization that supports open innovation in the energy access sector. If you have a proven, successful fundraising experience along with good leadership skills, and the ability to make complicated things understandable, then keep on reading!

The CEO role is a full-time job, though your hours and location are flexible within the broader European and African time zones. As the title suggests, this is a senior-level role and very much not corporate-style CEO. Being the CEO of EnAccess is a lot of hard — but fun — work. It’s like the startup that you didn’t actually start from day one, so while you will skip over a lot of the painful early stages, you will be coming into adolescence and that will come with challenges. We are a non-profit that is proving the impact and importance of open source innovations in energy access, and that is not the kind of role that just anyone could (or would want to!) fill.

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