Call of Consultant : Renewable Energy Specialist in Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria

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Call of Consultant : Renewable Energy Specialist in Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria

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Job title
Call of Consultant : Renewable Energy Specialist in Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
  • Nigeria
Sub-Saharan Africa
Type of job
consultancy contract
1 month
Renewable Energy
Language of description
Job description
SNV is expanding its operations into Nigeria, to meet market and corporate needs; recognizing the development challenges and potential development impact that exists in the country. SNV sees the clean energy sector as an entry point for its activities in Nigeria, particularly the nexus between energy, agri-food, and water systems. This is in line with SNV’s goal for the energy sector, to support the development of inclusive markets for sustainable energy, contributing to more equitable livelihoods for all. Within this overarching goal, we identify three specific impact goals:

Energy Access: Contribute to universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services for households, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and social institutions. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Increase the renewable energy (RE) share and energy efficiency (EE) in energy consumption, inclusive of RE and EE applications in agriculture for improved resilience of farmers and agri-businesses. Economic Participation and Social Inclusion: Build resilient livelihoods and improved incomes for all people including young people, women, and disadvantaged groups. SNV is thus, seeking to commission a study to identify niches and opportunities for SNV in the Nigerian energy sector, with a particular focus on the following sub-sectors: Off-grid electrification, Bio-digesters, Clean-Cooking and Productive Use of Energy (PUE) in the water and agriculture sectors.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

The objective of the assignment is to identify opportunities and partnerships where SNV, through its expertise and experience can add value in the energy sector in Nigeria, considering the above impact goals.

The key tasks to be performed in achieving this objective are outlined as follows:

Develop an understanding of SNV’s strength and experience as relevant to the energy sector in Nigeria. Present an overview of renewable energy and energy access in the country highlighting the status of the sector, barriers and challenges, trends, and outlook. Assess the political economy of the energy sector in the country including an understanding of Nigeria’s grid and off-grid supply dynamics, and energy access challenges. Develop a clear mapping of ongoing initiatives around energy access in Nigeria (including stand-alone and mini-grids applications via solar, bio-digesters, clean cooking, and productive uses of energy particularly in agri-food and water systems). Develop a stakeholder mapping of the sector (including governmental actors, private sector companies, development partners, national and international NGOs, financiers & investors, and other market development actors), analyze donor funding trends and government priorities. Assess and recommend the key opportunities for SNV in the energy sector highlighting niches and opportunities, proposed intervention approaches, and potential constraints. Assess the potential competition and beneficial partnerships for SNV in Nigeria. Organize and conduct Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) if appropriate to further enrich findings from the study. Develop an annotated list and summary of key policy and regulatory frameworks relevant to the energy sector including SNV focal sectors of Agriculture and Water. In addition to the assessment report covering the above points, produce a summary PowerPoint presentation which portrays key findings.

Present findings and identify 2-3 priority interventions, considering specific sub-sectors and/or approaches, potential partners, and funders. Support for the development of further interventions would be subject to a separate ToR.
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