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Monitoring assists in keeping projects and measures on track while continuously observing the developments. The major aim of monitoring is to support the achievement of intended results and impacts.

For the purpose of promoting energy efficient lighting, monitoring needs to consider:

  • energy consumption
  • legal framework conditions
  • capacity development
  • lighting quality
  • behavioral change
  • impacts

This part of the Service Package compiles documents that describe possible approaches. It contains

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Studies Can be part of monitoring (e.g. provide baseline info)
Information- & Sensitization Campaigns Results from monitoring can be used for dissemination
End-of-Life Treatment
Can be part of consumer survey
Information Material Results from monitoring can be used for material
Policy Advisory Services Results from monitoring can be used for advice
Capacity Building Monitoring can assist to assess capacities

Consumer Survey can provide info to financial abilities of households

Implementation of actual Lighting Measures Monitoring observes implementation