Challenges for Clean Energy

From energypedia

We were discussing about clean energy for decades. We know that our planet needed our action on yesterday. But where are we now? Still digging the earth for petroleum even we have money, technology and natural resources.   

I was doing a feasibility study for solar farm in one African country and one south Asian country. What I found forced me to accept the sad reality.

1 – Fossil fuel power industry makes higher profit and they use some of their profits to amend countries’ energy and environmental policies.

2 – Law makers do not have clear vision and action plan about global warming and clear energy.  

3 – No proper mechanism to balance uneven resource distribution for clean energy industry.

Clean energy industry needs aggressive support.

If there is a problem, there must be a solution. Creative thinking will bring all the solutions to remove all kinds of obstacles on the way to 100% clean energy world.