Checklist for the Construction of a Biogas Plant

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The checklist for the construction of a biogas plant is summarized below.

Checklist for the Construction

  • Stipulate the plant's location and elaborate a site plan
    • including all buildings, gas pipes, gas appliances and fields to be fertilized with digested slurry

    • Draft a technical drawing showing all plant components
      • i.e. mixing pit, connection to stabling, inlet / outlet, digester, gas-holder, gas pipes, slurry storage

      • Preparation of material / personnel requirements list and procurement of materials needed for the chosen plant:
        • bricks / stones / blocks for walls and foundation
        • sand, gravel
        • inlet / outlet pipes
        • metal parts (sheet metal, angle irons, etc.)
        • gas pipes and fittings
        • paint and sealants
        • gas appliances
        • tools
        • mason and helper
        • unskilled labor
        • workshop for metal (gas-holder) and pipe installation

        • Material / personnel assignment planning, i.e. procedural planning and execution of:
          • excavation
          • foundation slab
          • digester masonry
          • gasholder
          • rendering and sealing the masonry
          • mixing pit - slurry storage pit
          • drying out the plant
          • installing the gas pipe
          • acceptance inspection

          • Regular building supervision Commissioning
            • functional inspection of the biogas plant and its components
            • starting the plant

            • Filling the plant

            • Training the user

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