Climate Smart Agriculture Lead

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Climate Smart Agriculture Lead

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Climate Smart Agriculture Lead
IFDC Mozambique
  • Mozambique
Sub-Saharan Africa

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Job description
Position Summary

The Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Lead is responsible for designing and implementing the project’s strategy to promote scalable green innovations that increase agri-food value chain actors’ resilience and adaptive capacity, foster eco-efficient practices, while reducing businesses’ footprint on the environment. He/she provides support to management to strengthen inclusive business models through partnerships, with a specific attention to the terms of inclusion of resource-constrained households, women and the youth (both females and males) as farmers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • In close collaboration with other project technical staff and collaborators, develop, implement, monitor and document a strategy for the selection, incubation and scaling of inclusive green innovations.
  • In support to the project managers and other staff, organize gender and youth-sensitive assessments in target farming systems and value chains, including appraisals of climate change risks, environmental impacts, CSA capacity building gaps and other barriers to the adoption and scaling of eco-efficient technologies and practices.
  • Assess and adapt tools developed by partners for introducing and scaling CSA practices for farmers, businesses and services providers. Building on existing materials, develop and implement tailored CSA training and coaching interventions targeting households, smallholder farmers (esp. women and the youth), their organizations and other entrepreneurs.
  • Coordinate the promotion of context-specific indigenous and new CSA technologies and practices, and green innovations throughout the core- and supplier value chains. A specific attention should be given to innovations that contribute to empowering women and the youth (as farmers, other entrepreneurs and laborers) on-farm and off-farm. Ensure innovations do not increase women’s workload and constraints.
  • In close collaboration with IFDC Specialists and other IFDC-led projects, facilitate the introduction and adoption of climate-smart nutrient- and water innovations, reducing nutrient losses and increasing water productivity.
  • Promote private investment opportunities for the roll-out of proven cases of best-fit green innovations.
  • Report on the progress of the CSA strategy and develop business studies, field stories, fact sheets and other outreach materials. Disseminate evidence-based knowledge products on climate-smart technologies and practices in supported inclusive business models, including investments and return on investment (ROI) scenarios.
  • Develop a close collaboration with other IFDC and donor-funded programs, identify complementarities and synergies in common focus value chains.
  • Promote and increase stakeholder capacities in climate smart agriculture (CSA) solutions for smallholder farmers.
  • Support the switch by companies, SMEs and others to reorient their products and services to cater for a more climate resilient market for the respective agribusinesses/ value chains.
  • Support Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning activities
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  • Mozambique

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