Consultancy Opportunity: MECS and SEforALL Collaboration

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Consultancy Opportunity: MECS and SEforALL Collaboration

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Job title
Consultancy Opportunity: MECS and SEforALL Collaboration
MECS, UKaid, Loughborough University
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda"MadagascarMalawiNigeriaRwanda" is not in the list (Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, ...) of allowed values for the "Job country" property.
Sub-Saharan Africa
Type of job
consultancy contract

Language of description
Job description
MECS and SEforALL are currently working together on a collaborative programme of activity designed to strengthen the integration of eCooking (electric cooking) within SEforALL’s work programme. A central component of this collaboration has been the mutual recognition of the need for an integrated approach to energy planning that incorporates clean cooking alongside electricity and other energy sectors.

As part of this collaboration, we are pleased to announce a call for ‘the provision of Consultancy Services to support a collaborative programme of activity between the Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme and SEforAll’.

Main tasks of the consultancy

  • Support SEforALL’s Clean Cooking and Universal Integrated Energy Planning teams to coordinate and carry-out research on the opportunity and the value add of integrating clean cooking considerations into national energy planning processes (with a particular focus on eCooking), building off recent work carried out in Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, and other countries. This would also entail coordinating and liaising with sector stakeholders to source research material and case studies. A key deliverable is producing a knowledge brief on the research findings and suitable content for a social media campaign on the same.
  • Support implementation of Malawi’s IEP including liaising with key government and sector stakeholders in defining and developing an eCooking strategy for Malawi.
  • Provide appropriate technical support on eCooking to SEforALL’s Clean Cooking and Universal Integrated Energy Planning teams. This would entail providing technical assistance on planned IEPs in Rwanda, Madagascar, and a country in the Asia-Pacific (tbd), including contributing towards the development of geospatial clean cooking analysis; defining scenarios for modern energy cooking services; identifying and advising on relevant datasets that can be leveraged for such analysing; coordinating on facilitating connections with relevant stakeholders in the sector.
  • Support SEforALL in relevant training and capacity building workshops conducted around existing IEPs in Malawi and Nigeria. These capacity building trainings will be conducted after the launch of the IEP. These are to ensure training for users of the IEP power tool, including public and private stakeholders. Specific tasks could include preparation of training materials, developing user cases, and support in delivery of virtual and in-person trainings.
  • Liaise with SEforALL and MECS’ Communications teams and provide content for a coordinated dissemination programme relating to eCooking.
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