Consultant to conduct an assessment on renewal energy for migrant communities in Thailand

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Consultant to conduct an assessment on renewal energy for migrant communities in Thailand

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Job title
Consultant to conduct an assessment on renewal energy for migrant communities in Thailand
International Organization for Migration
  • Thailand
Asia and Pacific
Type of job
consultancy contract

Renewable Energy
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Job description

The overall aim of the consultancy is to conduct a feasibility study on renewable energy solutions (including solar) specifically for migrant communities and institutions serving those communities to increase local government’s efforts to improve living conditions in migrant communities while simultaneously driving adoption of clean energy sources that contribute to climate change mitigation. Through desk research, field visits and in close collaboration with local government and migrant communities, the outputs of the proposed consultancy are to:

  1. Identify the energy needs and challenges in different communities in Thailand;
  2. Assess the impact of the identified needs and challenges on migrant communities;
  3. Determine the most feasible forms of renewable energy for migrant communities in Thailand;
  4. Identify two-three communities that may benefit from the installation of the identified forms of renewable energy solutions; and
  5. Develop an implementation model (including Operation and Maintenance) for renewable energy projects in respective communities.

Scope of assignment:

Under the overall supervision of the Head of Unit, MACTU, the direct supervision of the Programme Support Officer, the successful candidate will be responsible for the development and implementation of a needs assessment on renewable energy in Thailand, including consultation and presentation of the findings and recommendations to relevant central and local government counterparts, as well as pertinent migrant communities.


The Consultant will undertake the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop a clear research methodology and tools, and ensure their implementation.
  2. Liaise and coordinate with relevant central and local government counterparts, including the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
  3. Undertake field visits and interview relevant stakeholders to assess communities for the development of a pilot in renewable energy. Coordinate with migrant communities.
  4. Work closely with the IOM team and provide weekly updates on progress.
  5. Develop and submit a detailed draft and final report, as well as presentation slides, including the results of the needs assessment/feasibility analysis, with recommendations on three-five pilot projects on renewable energy (including solar), proposed geographical location/community, risks, impact and benefits to host community, production cost and material requirement, implementation model.
  6. Lead consultations, presenting needs, findings, and recommendations of the research to stakeholders.
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