Consulting Services for Identifying Options for Evolving Organizational Structure and Governance

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Consulting Services for Identifying Options for Evolving Organizational Structure and Governance

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Consulting Services for Identifying Options for Evolving Organizational Structure and Governance

  • Austria
Europe and Central Asia
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consultancy contract

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Job description
Scope of Work and Objective

SEforALL is seeking the services of a Consultancy which can help evolve its governance model and organizational structure in a strategic and pragmatic manner that also delivers the best approach to achieve SEforALL’s mandates and goals. The Consultancy is expected to identify and detail out opportunities and options to reconfigure SEforALL’s internal administrative, legal, and operational structure; with or without its current partners.

SEforALL is currently exploring answers to some of the following questions:

  • How can SEforALL optimize its governance structure for:
    • Fulfilling its role and mission;
    • Meeting its fund raising aspirations in terms of quantum and diversity of revenue;
    • Meeting its obligations to its current and prospective donors;
    • Maintaining its competitiveness in attracting and retaining talented global staff and building an international presence through multiple office locations; and
    • Enhancing its ongoing strategic relationship with the United Nations
  • How does SEforALL’s current structural and operating model compare with other non-profit organizations (e.g. international organizations, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations) of similar size, scale and mandate?
  • Is SEforALL’s current set up in Austria (as a Quasi-International Organization) optimal, or are more effective models available both within and outside of Austria?
  • What operating partnerships (e.g. fiscal sponsorships, operating hosts, administrative functions) are needed and how could these be optimized?

In this context, the services of a consultancy firm are requested for the following:

  • Conduct a review of the governance structure, operational model and legal status of SEforALL
  • Identify a limited set of analogous organizations that could serve as useful benchmarks for SEforALL’s legal, governance and operating models.
  • Provide advice and generate options for SEforALL’s management in the evolution of its operating and governance model, identifying both pros and cons to those options as related to the current and prospective benefits and support enjoyed by the organization.
  • Assess SEforALL’s current registration in Austria and provide recommendations on whether it is fit for purpose given the organization’s growth trajectory and strategic ambition.
  • Provide advice on operating model and organizational governance redesign options for SEforALL
  • Provide guidance on the financial, human resource, legal and other implications of any recommended changes, and provide an overview of key financial and legal implications (e.g. taxation, visas, social security, etc) that should be considered.
  • Provide advice and recommendations on any interim arrangements that might be warranted in evolving SEforALL’s governance.
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