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Literature & Manuals

Construction Manuals


Manual Construyendo la Eco-Estufa Justa 16 x 24 (*spanish)

GIZ Honduras

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Institutional Rocket Stove with Chimney Assembly Guide

Peter Scott, 2010

Solarcooker manual

Construction Manual for a Solar Cooker Made of Cement
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Rocket Brick Stove: Builder’s Manual & User’s Guide

Kenya (2011), GIZ PSDA Stoves Promotion

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Guide français de Foyer Rocket en Banco (*french)

Uganda (2008)

Construction guide from 2008 also available in English:

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Manual for the Production of Tikikil Stoves


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Alfani-Eclair Construction Manual (french)

Benin 2012

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How to Make a Heat Retention Box

by Sjoerd Nienhuys, 2012

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Parts of an Institutional Brick Stove - Principles for improved construction

by Ylva Kuerten, Liberia 2017

Other Guides

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User Guide for Portable Rocket Stove

GTZ, ProBEC 2010


(4.88 MB)

Household energy saving technologies

The 7 modules not only contain interesting information about the respective topics but also include "how-to-do" picture pages and special guides for extension workers.

(Compiled 2004 (2010) by Dr. Christoph Messinger and Christa Roth, at the time advisors to the Integrated Food Security Programme (IFSP) Mulanje).

1. Household energy training for promoters
2. Firewood management
3. Kitchen management
4. Food warmer
5. Portable stoves
6. Fixed stoves
7. Kiln

GIZ Honduras Manual UsoMantenimiento EcoEstufaJusta.pdf

Manual Uso y Mantenimiento de la Eco-Estufa Justa (*spanish)

GIZ Honduras

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Manual Para Facilitadores (*spanish)

GIZ Peru, 2009

Solar cooking compendium vol 4 toolkit.pdf

Solar Cooking Toolkit

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