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DPC "proof of concept": Model 5 

This DPC Poster 2 illustrates the possible practical applications of DPC machine as mechanical prime mover for various loads, for example: two symmetrical  air piston pumps and rocking sieve. 
DPC Model 5 was built as "proof of concept machine" to provide the mechanical power for theese loads at the same time. The matching of output motions of DPC with required input motions of loads was used as criterion for optimal compatibility of machinery. This approach simplifies  the linkage with loads extremely and reduces the losses accordingly. 
DPC works in combination with two air pumps. Balloons are serving as inflatable indicators. The linkage between pumps and rocking beam of DPC is clear and simple because of matching of their reciprocating motions in the operation mode.
The rocking container attached to the  main shaft also is able to work as sieve,  rocker box or washing machine of rocking type. Thus, gravity force can do different works simultaneously, without disorder of operation of DPC  machine.


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