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Sub-Saharan Africa
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permanent contract

Energy Access
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The ECOWAS Programme on Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Access (ECOW-GEN), since its

establishment, in 2013 has worked to steer ECOWAS Member States toward the direction of mainstreaming gender in policy formulation, legislative drafting, energy project, and program design and implementation, to promote equality in energy development through equal access to resources and equal contribution to the decision-making processes that shape and influence energy expansion in West Africa.

During the pilot phase (2013 – 2014) and the first programmatic cycle (2015 – 2019), ECOW-GEN produced the regional policy, the ECOWAS Policy for Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Access, and the legal framework, the ECOWAS Directive for Gender Assessment in Energy Projects.

Moreover, ECOW-GEN established a facility for technical and financial assistance to support development of women-led energy businesses in West Africa, among other milestone achievements. In the second programmatic cycle (2020 – 2024), ECOW-GEN thrives to consolidate the achievements made at the regional level by strengthening the capacity of ECOWAS Member States to institutionalize and replicate the objectives of the program at the national/grassroots level.

The Assistant is a Junior Gender-Energy Expert whose duties include to: • Assist to update the Programme document to reflect the status of the implementation of the ECOWAS Programme on Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Access (ECOW-GEN).

Assist in developing and coordinating relevant program activities/annual work plans towards achieving expected results by the Programme Document. • Assist in the daily management of relevant parts of the program – both organizational and substantive matters – budgeting, planning, and general monitoring of the program in close collaboration with the ECREEE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme Officers. • Assist to develop information, communication, and education (IEC) materials and ensure dissemination of information and knowledge management for effective program implementation. • Assist in the management of the ECOW-GENetwork and ensure that the objectives of the network are effectively met. • Assist to prepare terms of reference for national and international consultants and subcontractors. • Assist in preparing and launching calls for proposals and expressions of interest for projects to be supported through the ECOW-GEN grant facilities; evaluate and select technically and commercially sound projects for grant support; monitor projects for their effective implementation. • Assist to monitor and guide the work of consultants and subcontractors for compliance with the agreed work plan. • Assist to prepare revisions of the work plan, if required Support development and implementation of self-monitoring, quality assurance and independent evaluation systems, including facilitated feedback from Member States and international partners, as a basis to sharpen and improve the objectives, strategy, and operations of ECOW-GEN. • Assist to monitor the expenditures, commitments, and balance of funds in line with the annual work plan and reporting requirements. • Draft quarterly program progress reports, as well as any other reports requested by your supervisor. • Assist in the effective operation of the ECOW-GEN Technical Advisory Group/Gender Focal Units in the respective Member States, and the Steering Committee. • Assist in building new partnerships with relevant institutions and identify funding opportunities for running the program’s activities. • Undertake any other actions related to the program as requested by your supervisor.

Qualifications – ECOW-GEN PROGRAMME ASSISTANT • Master’s degree in energy, gender studies, economics, developmental studies, or any related field. • At least 2 years of work experience in gender and energy. • Sufficient knowledge of the ECOWAS gender and energy situation: policies, legal and regulatory frameworks.

Ability to undertake research and lead strategic dialogue on key development issues. • Strong problem-solving, communication, research, analytical writing, and organizational skills.

• At least fluency in two ECOWAS working languages is required.
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