EnDev Indonesia Village Managment Team Guidance Poster 2013

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In Indonesia rural off-grid power supply is managed and operated directly by the beneficiary community in the vast majority of cases. Under the Energising Development (EnDev) Indonesia project, the community is empowered to establish a Village Management Team (VMT) responsible for operation, administration and management of their off-grid infrastructure. Typically this infrastructure involves micro-hydro or solar-powered mini-grids. Generally a VMT comprises a chairperson, treasurer and at least one operator, who are elected or nominated by the community as a whole.

Training Modules

Through a set of training modules, VMT members are trained over several days on:

  • Technical operation and troubleshooting of the power generation technology and power distribution infrastructure
  • Maintenance routine and replacement planning and implementation
  • Book-keeping and financial record-keeping on all income, expenditure and savings
  • Maintaining a customer book (households, businesses and social institutions)
  • Calculate electricity tariffs based on operational expenditure and projected replacement costs
  • Formulate village regulations on power consumption and sanctions on non-payment

Download Poster

The poster was designed to remind the VMT of its core responsibilities and is displayed in the community centre, home of the chairperson or the power house.

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Village Managment Teams for Off-grid Rural Electrification - Guidance Poster

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