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EnDev RBF Facility Webinar Series

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EnDev RBF Facility Webinar Series & Closing Event 2020

- Insights From 7 Years of Implementation -

Since 2013, the Energising Development (EnDev) partnership is piloting results-based financing (RBF) approaches to enhance energy access markets with funding provided by UK’s Department for Inter-national Development (DFID). EnDev´s RBF Facility (RBFF) comprises 17 projects across 14 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It covers a wide range of modern energy technologies. So far, EnDev’s RBFF reached 5.8 million people with improved access to more

The webinar series: Although EnDev’s RBFF is phasing out this year, applying RBF in the sector does not stop here – the prospects are bright and promising. EnDev thus wants to share experiences in implementing this rich portfolio of projects. It is time to combine perspectives of a variety of stakeholders ranging from public funders, RBF practitioners and the private sector to answer some crucial questions:

  • Can RBF develop self-sustaining markets for energy and achieve additional results?
  • Is RBF a “better” alternative to other development cooperation modalities?
  • What RBF-approaches and design features worked in which circumstances and why?

Webinar 1

Transforming energy access markets with RBF – hype or hope?

18 June, 10:00-11:00 CET

Join this webinar to learn more about the potential of RBF projects to transform energy access markets and under which circumstances market transformation effects are strongest. After introducing general insights obtained in the “Market Transformation Survey” conducted by an external evaluator of the RBFF, we invite practitioners to share their implementation experiences from the biogas sector in Vietnam as well as the development of the Solar Pico PV market in Benin. Following the inputs by our speakers, we look forward to engaging in a lively discussion on whether using RBF as a tool to support the transformation of energy markets is only a hype – or actually a hope.

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Webinar 2

Reaching the bottom of the pyramid with RBF – wishful thinking or reality?

30th July at 10.00-11.30 CET

Join this webinar to learn more about different experiences from targeting vulnerable groups with RBF and help demystify some of the complexity around designing pro-poor approaches. After providing a rationale and overview of the pro-poor approaches currently implemented within the RBF facility, we invite practitioners to share insights from the solar sector in Rwanda and Tanzania and the cookstove sector in Malawi. Following the inputs by our speakers, we look forward to engaging in a lively discussion on whether reaching the bottom of the pyramid with RBF is merely wishful thinking or the reality on the ground.

Download the Webinar Materials

Webinar 3

Accelerating the off-grid appliance market with RBF – e-cooking and energy efficiency

29 Sep at 10:30 CEST

By building on the RBF approach, EnDev’s Facility aims to bring energy access markets to scale, considering all market actors along a range of modern energy technology markets such as the off-grid solar market. Bangladesh and the East African countries, for example, have some of the most active commercial photovoltaic (PV) system markets in the developing world, increasingly turning to solar home system (SHS) solutions for electricity supply – especially in rural off-grid areas.

Highly energy-efficient appliances that can be connected to these SHS dramatically increase the level of energy services provided, while reducing the size of the energy system required to provide these services, thereby lowering costs. However, many off-grid solar companies struggle to source quality off-grid appliances and many appliance manufacturers do not know about the commercial opportunity presented by the off-grid market. Accelerating the uptake of off-grid solar technologies, i.e. SHS, through the development of a complementary market for high-quality, highly energy-efficient off-grid appliances such as fans, televisions and refrigerators can address this gap. In this, the role of RBF is commonly being questioned:

  • How can RBF support market growth of the off-grid appliance market?
  • What role does RBF play in encouraging off-grid solar companies to place large orders of selected appliances and market them to their customers?
  • What role can RBF play in accelerating e-cooking in the future?

Download the Webinar Materials

Webinar 4

Accelerating the off-grid appliance market with RBF

Oct 2020

Closing Event

The end of an era or just the beginning? – RBF Sector Spillover and Innovation

Nov 2020