Energy Efficiency in Kenyan Tea Factories & Energy Auditing in Tea and Dairy Industries

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Project title

Energy Efficiency in Kenyan Tea Factories & Energy Auditing in Tea and Dairy Industries

Project country/region

☐ East Asia & Pacific
☐ Europe & Central Asia
☐ Latin America & The Carribean
☐ Middle East & North Africa
☐ North America
☐ South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa - Kenya

Project organisation

Kenya Tea Development Authority KTDA, Ethical Tea Partnership ETP, Strathmore Energy Research Centre SERC

Project description

Kenya is the world’s top exporter of black tea by weight. However, tea processing requires intensive energy input and is often costly and unsustainable. The energy saving potential is significant. To tap this potential, the Kenya Tea Development Agency, the Ethical Tea Partnership, Taylor’s of Harrogate, Mars Drinks and GIZ joined forces. The Strathmore Energy Research Centre supports the cooperation by training energy auditors and conducting energy audits – not only in tea but also in dairy processing plants.

Sixty-nine Kenyan tea factories have carried out energy efficiency measures since 2014. As a result, there have been average reductions of 11 per cent in electricity usage and 10 per cent in firewood consumption in each factory. Throughout the project term, savings have been roughly USD 13.5 million in energy costs. These measures have also prevented the felling of 1.35 million trees. Overall, nearly 12,000 tonnes of CO2 have been saved. Similar measures are now being carried out in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Funded by ETP, ToH, Mars Drinks, SERC and GIZ ‘Sustainable Energy for Food – Powering Agriculture

Main Partners: Taylor’s of Harrogate ToH Mars Drinks GIZ ‘Sustainable Energy for Food – Powering Agriculture’

Project related to following sources of energy

☐ Solar

☐ Biomass

☐ Biofuel

☐ Biogas

☐ Wind

☐ Geo-Thermal

☐ Hydro

Energy Efficiency

☐ Other: /

Project primarily related to the following Commodity Groups

☐ Cereals

☐ Fruits and vegetables

☐ Nuts and berries

☐ Forage

☐ Dairy products

☐ Meat products

☐ Oil Seeds

☐ Roots and Tubers

☐ Eggs

☐ Pulses

☐ Fiber Crops

☐ Forestry

☐ Sugars

☐ Stimulants

☐ Spices

Other: Tea

Project primarily related to the following Agricultural Value Chain Steps

☐ Mechanization

☐ Efficiency of Operation


☐ Transportation

☐ Controlled Atmosphere

☐ Controlled Temperature

☐ Mechanical Sorting

☐ Preservation

☐ Other: /

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