Energy Pop Quiz

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Check your energy knowledge by filling out this quiz. You can only choose one answer per question! Drop by the exhibition area to discuss about the answers.

1 How many Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are there?


2 What does Goal 7 (energy for all) include?

Double the improvement rate in energy efficiency
Increase the share of renewables in the global energy mix
All of them
Universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services

3 How many people did not have access to electricity worldwide in 2020?

730 million
120 million
1.4 billion

4 Complete the following sentence: Having an open fire in your house for cooking is like:

Smoking 40 cigarettes a day
No effect at all
Smoking 400 cigarettes an hour

5 95% of staple food needs to be cooked before they can be eaten. How many people die from household indoor air pollution, due to inefficient cooking practices using polluting fuels?

3.8 million every year
14.3 million every year
1 million every year

6 In 2000, about 1.3 million households in developing countries used solar home systems (SHSs). How many were there in 2018?

more than 4 million households
500,000 households
1 billion households

7 How do sustainable energies improve people’s live?

Renewables help to tackle climate change
All of them
Solar lamps allow people to work and study longer in the evenings
Efficient cookstoves reduce the time spent by women and girls (gathering firewood, cooking, etc.)