Energy Security and Sustainability Dimensions

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A central challenge for the whole region is assuring an environmentally-friendly and sustainable provision of the energy system, along with meeting both the social and economic objectives of each country[1]. Hence, energy security and sustainable development concerns are highly connected. Therefor in order to identify the energy systems' vulnerabilities, both aspects should be disected hand in hand[2][1].

For a proper allocation of the country's energy system challenges, a definition of a system will be introduced, along with the dimensions of both energy security and sustainable development, eventually identifying the possible major vulnerabilities of energy systems.

  • Systems are defined as: "Systems that are necessary for the stable functioning of modern societies."[2]

In that regard, the vulnerabilities of an energy system is to be identified according to the potential risks, which might disrupt the system occasioanlly or regularly[2]. Hence, for the purpose of forecatsing these concerns in terms of energy security, 3 dimensions of the energy security have to be selected[2]:

  • Adequacy: as the core aspect of the reliability of the system
  • Resilience: as the ability of the system to adapt to unpredictable disruptions
  • Sovereignty: as rooted in international relations, with regard to energy independence and the country's own control of its energy system

In terms of the energy policy, sustainability mainly aims to[2]:

  • Reduction of emissions, so they do not exceed the environment's absorbing capacity.
  • Both; extracting non-renewable fuels and developing renewable ones at the same rate.
  • Observing and controlling the harvest rates of renewables in order to avoid exceeding generation rates.

Thus within the main 3 conern domains of the concept of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.



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