Energy access: the role of civil society in the area of productive uses - Questions

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This page lists all the questions asked during the webinar: Energy Access: the role of civil society in the area of productive uses.


Q1 How can other CSOs get in touch in order to become members of ACCESS Coalition. What it the joining processes?

Please refer to the homepage of the ACCESS coalition:

Q2 Could you please give examples of case in which productives uses led to increased revenues ? and cases when it did not ?

Q3 From what capacity a systems can be considered for productive use? Can a Solar Home Systems be for productive use? How?

Yes, see e.g. this article about productive uses with picoPV.

Q4 How can you address the risk of trained people leaving for better opportunities?

Please see the recording.

Q5 Actors who might want to start a new business are not a homogeneous group they have different existing assets and barriers to overcome. I'm particularly thinking of gender but also ethnicity can be an issue. How do you take these factors into account when you are enabling access to productive uses?

Please see the recording.