Environment, Health and Safety Specialist

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Environment, Health and Safety Specialist

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Job title
Environment, Health and Safety Specialist
The Government of Uganda (GoU)
  • Uganda
Sub-Saharan Africa
Type of job
temporary contract
60 months
Renewable Energy
Language of description
Job description
Objectives of the Assignment

The Environment, Health and Safety Specialist will ensure that UECCC complies with the Environment and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) for the EASP project, which was agreed upon between the World Bank and Government of Uganda. He/she will also implement the Environmental, Health and Safety activities for the EASP project and ensure compliance with national legislations.

Scope of Services

The Environment, Health and Safety Specialist will be dedicated to the implementation of the EASP project, and will have the following duties and responsibilities:

A) Project implementation activities.

He/she will provide professional services during the implementation of the EASP Project by:

  • Providing operational leadership on environmental, health and safety safeguards under the EASP project.
  • Serving as a lead person on environmental, health and safety issues including stakeholder engagements and working closely with other PIU team members to address any challenges.
  • Advising and/or providing quality operational leadership on major or sensitive matters relating to environmental impacts and risks associated with EASP project activities.
  • Supporting/facilitating stakeholders, including PFIs and private energy companies, to incorporate in the processes and conditions of financing; screening, due diligence, environmental, health and safety matters.
  • Ensuring appropriate environmental, health and safety clauses are incorporated in all agreements signed between UECCC and Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs).
  • Supporting each PFI to develop and/or strengthen their environmental, health and safety system and integrate the procedures in the PFI’s business processes.
  • Work with funded PFIs to ensure that subproject sponsors prepare and disclose all risk assessment and management instruments (ESIA/ESMPs, ESA etc.) in line with UECCC’s ESMS, relevant national laws, PFI’s ESMS (commensurate to the risks) and World Bank environment and social standards.
  • Review procedures and processes for direct lending to ensure that environmental, health and safety requirements are properly reflected in contract documents.
  • Ensuring that relevant stakeholders are informed about issues relating to implementation of EASP project environmental, health and safety safeguards and providing the required support for timely implementation.
  • Developing and implementing capacity building and training plans on environmental, health and safety safeguards for UECCC staff, PFIs and private energy companies.
  • Engage the PFIs to allocate sufficient internal resources to allow for the effective implementation of the ESMS
  • Review the planning and procurement procedures to ensure that environmental, health and safety requirements are properly reflected and costed in contract documents for direct lending contracts.
  • Maintaining records on the environmental, health and safety safeguards performance of the PFIs, private energy companies in accordance with the UECCC Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) policy objectives and targets.
  • Preparing revisions of the environmental, health and safety safeguard’s provisions of the UECCC ESMS and present to UECCC Management for endorsement where required.
  • Acting as a link between UECCC and other stakeholders such as NEMA, consultants, communities and local governments on environmental, health and safety safeguards.
  • Being responsible for management of environmental risks associated with the electrification and clean cooking for public institutions under EASP, as stipulated in the Grant Agreements to be signed between the UECCC and the solar/clean cooking service providers.
  • Receiving environmental complaints relating to the EASP activities and ensuring that they are addressed in accordance with the UECCC ESMS system.
  • Participate in the set up and operationalization of project Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM).
  • Undertaking targeted visits to subprojects (at least semi-annually) to assess compliance and propose necessary remedies.
  • Review quarterly progress reports from funded PFIs and sub-projects and prepare reports covering all environmental, health and safety safeguards aspects of the project.
  • Conduct quarterly monitoring and reporting on compliance of PFIs with E&S requirements and also provide annual E&S reports to the World Bank including the results of E&S annual audit.
  • Carrying out any other duties as assigned by the EASP Project Manager that contribute to achieving the development objectives of the EASP project.

B) Monitoring and evaluation of the project activities by:

Continuous monitoring of environmental issues concerning the EASP project with a view to assess and evaluate the environmental risks and impacts of the EASP Project.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • Honours degree in Science related field from a recognised University.
  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Science disciplines, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Engineering, Natural Resources Management or related field from a recognised university.
  • Postgraduate qualifications and experience in environmental impact assessment/environmental audit (EIA/EA) and monitoring.
  • At least seven (7) years practical environment, health and safety experience with the World Bank/International Finance Corporation (IFC) funded projects.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of World Bank Environmental, Health and Safety Standards and/or IFC performance standards.
  • Conversant with the institutional and legislative framework for environmental management in Uganda. Working knowledge of Uganda’s environmental requirements (policies, laws, regulations and guidelines).
  • Registration with NEMA as environmental practitioner or an equivalent body will be an added advantage.
  • Experience and skills in undertaking environmental assessments, developing, or implementing an ESMS for an institution, developing plans and supporting action plan implementation will be an added advantage.
  • Must be self-driven with ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent reporting and communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with teams in the organisation at all levels.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications.
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