Event - 5th Hydrogen & P2X 2024

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5th Hydrogen & P2X 2024
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Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Ørestads Blvd. 114 - 118, 2300 København
General information

After last year's event that gathered over 200+ participants from 23+ countries, we’re thrilled to announce the 5th Hydrogen & P2X Conference 2024. This edition with revised agenda including industry trends, excellent speakers & technical insights will take place on 19-20 June in Copenhagen.

As the world accelerates its efforts towards sustainability and combating climate change, hydrogen remains the key to unlocking a greener and cleaner future. With the H2 infrastructure underway, an increasing amount of H2 projects in hard-to-abate sectors being developed all add significantly to hit decarbonization goals. At Hydrogen & P2X 2024, we aim to delve even deeper into the latest advancements, industry critical discussions, and ground-breaking innovations that will shape the hydrogen landscape.

Why should you join the Hydrogen & P2X 2024

After a succesful 2023 edition with over 200 partcipants, 27 presentations from industry end-users we decided to hold the new edition in the city of Copenhagen again. 2024 Edition will give an even bigger possibility to network and exchange ideas with industry leaders.

During this 2-day event rich in presentations from industry end-users and running projects case studies you will gain a comprehensive overview of the green hydrogen and P2X industry. You can hear experts focusing on new regulations, changing market situation and more.

Get an opportunity to network and exchange views with industry leaders.

5th European Conference Hydrogen & P2X 2024 will bring together top-level experts from gas producers, chemical and mobility industries representatives, power companies, business analytics, government officials and regulators, storage companies, service providers, projects representatives, transportation companies, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, renewable energy consultancies and others.