Event - A political-Economic Analysis of Electricity Grid Access Histories and Futures in Mozambique (POLARIZE) - A Discussion

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A political-Economic Analysis of Electricity Grid Access Histories and Futures in Mozambique (POLARIZE) - A Discussion
Online Seminars
  • Energy Access
  • Grid
  • Humanitarian Energy
2021/11/26 9:30am CET

In Mozambique, expanding access to electricity and the extent to which the current electricity policy can benefit local communities has become an area for public debate and discussion. The benefits from electricity access provision are well established in the social imagination, such that expansion of grid access is prioritised as a matter of social justice for development organisations and state authorities, and as a popular (and vote-winning) issue amongst the public. The Government of Mozambique is currently making regulatory and structural reforms of its electricity sector to provide electricity for all, in order to support socio-economic development and improve poverty alleviation and human wellbeing. However, the reform process has been slow due to broader governance challenges, and currently only 34% of the population has access to electricity that is unreliable and costly. Since September 2019, POLARIZE has examined these challenges, including identifying sequences of social-economic, political, and behavioural dimensions of electricity access and change in four major cities in Mozambique (Matola, Maputo, Beira and Nampula). The research has demonstrated how past decisions, institutional frameworks and norms have generated a pattern of exclusion and inequality for some groups while providing socio-economic and well-being benefits for others. POLARIZE is based at the Universities of York and Teesside - UK, along with its Mozambican partners, Energy Research Centre at University Eduardo Mondlane, Centre for Research on Governance and Development e Observatory of Rural Areas. POLARIZE is funded through UK Aid and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as part of the Energy and Economic Growth Applied Research Programme managed by Oxford Policy Management Ltd. We would like to invite you to join us in a discussion about the findings and on the best approaches to address the broader energy challenges in Mozambique and to achieve desired outcomes.