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Africa Energy Forum
Africa Energy Forum
Forum & Symposium
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2022/06/21 CEST
2022/06/24 CEST
  • Belgium
Tour & Taxis, Brussels
As the world debates climate change and whether we should be utilizing/monetizing gas and other natural resources, we must not lose sight that by 2050 nearly quarter of the world’s population (two and half billion people) will be living on the continent of Africa. In particular, the population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected to double by 2050 (that constitutes a 99% increase) with 60% of the population being under the age of 25.

The statistics are worrying and suggest a war raging between energy access and population growth – the solutions however lie in advanced technology adoption and the proliferation of free Wi-Fi to bolster learning and access to already available resources – but critically in the framework with which projects are developed. This is not beyond the capabilities of the current market players, however the number of IPPs reaching financial close is woefully low and painfully slow and runs the risk of being outpaced by population growth within ten years – yes, Africa’s energy sector is at war against population growth and if the investment community cannot compete, it runs the risk of becoming obsolete.

As always the Africa Energy Forum will focus on project development, bringing stakeholders together to have explicit private sector anchored discussions. However, the framework in which the private sector operates needs to evolve to promote greater stability from the perspective of governmental elections and further changes as political climates evolve and ministerial roles change. Egypt’s sectoral framework has liberated 28GW in only 8yrs and is a model which can be replicated across the continent at varying scales. South Africa’s IPP Office model was widely agreed to be the most successful (and aggressive) renewable energy programme anywhere in the world and again can be replicated across the continent…

Yes, there are many examples that decision makers and stakeholders can draw from and time is running out, but the battle is not yet lost.

Joining us at AEF to make your voice heard and with less 11 weeks to go and nearly 60% of the agenda already closed, over 150 speakers including 8 Ministers of Energy, 10 utilities, 21 development financial institution and over 70 private sector investors, the stage is set for another impactful #aef22 like never before.

Sign up and take part in, Interactive discussions that will focus on crucial topics such as:

  • Project preparation – How can stakeholders work better together to increase the number of projects coming to a financial close? What are recent successful and failed examples?
  • Implementing practical solutions for Africa’s utilities – What are the realistic solutions to tackle the financing and modernisation challenges?
  • COP26 to COP27 – how is the conversation changing – Africa’s voice in the global fight against climate change, and what does Africa want from COP27?
  • How are commitments made by the development finance community at COP26 being channelled through – what does energy transition funding mean and how is it being deployed?
  • Gas – Africa’s fuel here to stay – Is there a disconnect between policy and reality? Where will financing come from? Building
  • Africa as a green hydrogen power house – How much will African countries actually score economically from investing in hydrogen
  • Integrating Solar and Wind into the Grid – Putting in place distribution infrastructure needed to soak up generation
  • Industrial and Corporate De-Carbonisation – How are industries and mining sector playing their part in de-carbonising?