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Event - How Can Energy Access Programmes Address the Needs of People with Disabilities?

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How Can Energy Access Programmes Address the Needs of People with Disabilities?
Efficiency for Access
Online Seminars
  • Energy Access
  • Renewable Energy
2021/05/27 2pm BST
2021/05/27 3pm BST

Globally, more than one billion people need one or more assistive products, which can help them to lead a healthy and productive life. It is estimated that 90% of people who require these products do not have access to them. In addition, the UN estimates that 80% of the world’s disabled populations live in developing countries and are disproportionately represented in low-income rural households.

Stakeholders involved in off- and weak-grid appliance and energy access service sectors in developing countries can play an important role in enabling equal rights and independent living for people with disabilities. Furthermore, programmes working towards improving access to electricity can play an important role in improving inclusivity across the board.

Join Efficiency for Access for a one-hour webinar that explores how the energy access sector can address the needs of people with disabilities. We will explore insights from Efficiency for Access’ recent report ‘How can energy access programmes address the needs of people with disabilities?’, best practices for appliance manufacturers and ICT, and implications for aid agencies and foundations.

Chair: Mansoor Ahmad MBE, Team Lead Africa Agri-business Impact Investment & Regional Food Trade, Lead, Disability Inclusive Infrastructure workstream, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Speakers: - Richa Goyal, Senior Insight Manager, Energy Saving Trust, and Research co-lead, Efficiency for Access - Howard Weinstein, Founder, SolarEar

- Dr Clara Aranda-Jan, Insights Manager, Mobile for Development, GSMA