Event - III Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique 2023

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III Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique 2023
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After the 2021 and 2022 editions, the Business Conference – Renewables in Mozambique 2023 (RenMoz 2023) returns to Maputo on November 24, this time following the Mozambique-EU Global Gateway Investment Forum that will take place on 22 and 23 November.

Throughout the two days of the Global Gateway Investment Forum, participants will get to know the Mozambican market, its trends, players and investment opportunities. During the sessions dedicated to Climate & Energy, it will be possible to understand the context of renewable energy and to identify the needs of the various sectors in they have an impact and demand for their services. After the Forum, RenMoz will allow those interested in the renewable energy sector to go deeper into this market and find out about technical details.

As usual, RenMoz 2023 will feature the main stakeholders of the sector, who will share the most relevant news about the development of renewables in the country. It will be the meeting place of all renewable energy experts and stakeholders interested in the Mozambique market, both national and international, reinforcing its status as the reference event of the sector, organized by those who follow and know all its details.

As in previous years, the 3rd edition of the Briefing: Renewables in Mozambique 2023 will be launched during the Conference, following the 2022 and 2021 publications. This is the key document of the sector, used by both the government and the private sector, which provides a summary of the most relevant information of the several market segments, with graphs and tables illustrating the evolution of the different indicators. Other exclusive news will also be launched, soon to be shared.

RenMoz 2023 comes after two years of long-awaited significant changes in the renewable energy sector in Mozambique, and the publication of the complete legislation package. As a result of these developments, this event will be the ideal occasion to present and discuss in detail the new opportunities arising, both at regulatory level (on which ALER and AMER are already working), as well as in terms of future calls, programmes and projects, so that companies know how they can profit from them.

This conference will be organized by the Lusophone Association of Renewable Energies (ALER) together with the Mozambican Association of Renewable Energies (AMER), with the support of GET.invest Mozambique, funded by the European Union and Germany and part of the European program GET.invest.

The location, programme and other information will be announced in September. Participation will be free but subject to registration, as in previous editions.

Book the agenda on November 22-24 and enjoy a full journey to the Mozambique Renewable Energy Sector.

If you need support preparing your participation in these 3 days and better understand who is who, what is happening, and how to take advantage of renewable energy opportunities in Mozambique, get in touch via the email geral@aler-renovaveis.org