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Event - Planning and prospects for renewable power: Eastern and Southern Africa

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Planning and Prospects for Renewable Power: Eastern and Southern Africa
Online Seminars
  • Energy Access
  • Renewable Energy
2021/05/11 11:00 CEST

United Arab Emirates
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is pleased to invite you to its webinar, as part of the IRENA Insights webinar series organised to raise awareness on the most pressing issues, and share knowledge on the emerging solutions to decarbonise the energy sector. The next webinar, titled 'Planning and prospects for renewable power: Eastern and Southern Africa' will be held:

on Tuesday, 11 May 2021 at 11:00 CEST

Long-term energy planning is a fundamental instrument for governments in guiding energy transitions. Well-managed energy planning process leads to a consensus-based long-term vision, supported by concrete scenarios and policy actions, and further gives investors a clear signal and sense of stability on policy directions. Departing from IRENA's recent report, Planning and prospects for renewable power: Eastern and Southern Africa this webinar will share insights on the assessed renewable power investment potential within the landscape of the regional power sector development through 2040 in Eastern and Southern African power pools. The analysis is IRENA's inputs to the Programme Infrastructure Development for Africa as well as to the Africa Continental Power Systems Master Plan, to which IRENA contribute as the modelling partner.