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Title Publisher Year
Better Farmer Benefits from Renewable Energy: Improving Inclusion and Uptake in Kenya IIED 2022
Clean Cooking RBFs: Key Design Principles Clean Cooking Alliance & MECS 2022
Unaccountable Accounting: The World Bank’s Unreliable Climate Finance Reporting OXFAM 2022
Scaling up Renewables in Landlocked Developing Countries IRENA 2022
OECD Blended Finance Guidance for Clean Energy OECD 2022
Energy for Rural Industrialisation Productive Use of Energy 2.0 GET.transform 2022
Linking Global Finance to Small-Scale Clean Energy; Financial Aggregation for Distributed Renewable Energy in Developing Countries UNDP - Climate Bonds Initiative 2022
Climate Finance Needs of African Countries Climate Policy Initiative 2022
Definitions and Accounting of Climate Finance: Between Divergence and Constructive Ambiguity Climate Policy 2022
Designing Public Funding Mechanisms in the Off-Grid Solar Sector (English) The World Bank 2022
Clean Cooking Sector Remains Dramatically Underfunded, Despite Increasing Innovation and Climate Investment Clean Cooking Alliance 2022
Targeting Agricultural Electricity Subsidies in Haryana IISD 2022
The Role of End-User Subsidies in Closing the Affordability Gap SEforALL 2022
Public-private partnership in Ghana's solar energy industry: The history, current state, challenges, prospects and theoretical perspective ELSEVIER 2022
Blended Finance Solutions for Clean Energy in Humanitarian and Displacement Settings Lessons Learnt - An Initial Overview GPA, UNITAR, NORAD, NORCAP 2022

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Older Publications

Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects - Economic appraisal tool for Cohesion Policy 2014-2020
2014, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban policy

Financing renewable energy in developing countries: Drivers and barriers for private finance in sub-Saharan Africa
2012, United Nations Environment Programme - Finance Initiative

The Impacts of Policy on the Financing of Renewable Projects: A Case Study Analysis
2011, Uday Varadarajan, David Nelson, Brendan Pierpont, Morgan Hervé-Mignucci

Investing in Renewable Energy in the MENA Region: Financier Perspectives
2011, Kirsty Hamilton

Scaling up Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: Finance and Investment Perspectives
2010, Kirsty Hamilton

Finance for Renewable Energy: An Empirical Analysis of Developing and Transition Economies
2010, Christa N. Brunnschweiler

Private Financing of Renewable Energy
2010, SEFI

Why Clean Energy Public Investment Makes Economic Sense - The Evidence Base
2009, SEFI

Financing Mechanisms and Public/Private Risk Sharing Instruments for Financing Small Scale Renewable Energy Equipment and Projects
2007, SEFI

Mobilizing Finance for Renewable Energy
2004, SEFI

Financial Risk Management Instruments for Renewable Energy Projects
2007, SEFI

A Guide to the Financial Evaluation of Investment Projects in Energy Supply

GIZ, Fink, Oehlert