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Fuel Pricing Policies

Local Currency: TJS
Exchange Rate: 4.3975


Last Update:

The downstream market of oil products is open and fuel pricing is liberal in Tajikistan. Tajikistan imports 90% of its oil products from Russia (as of 2010). In April 2011, Tajikistan faced fuel shortages due to a Russian export stop on oil products, motivated by shortages on the domestic downstream market in Russia. Due to these shortages, fuel prices are expected to rise considerably, as of May 2011 (→App.A1).

Oil exports from Russia to Tajikistan were tax-free until May 1st, 2010, when Russia installed an export tax. Since then, this tax has steadily been rising (203 US$/ton in May 2010, 232 US$ per ton in Feb2011, →see App. A1).

According to an internet article (→see App. A1), the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) collects fuel price data. Monthly fuel prices can be found on the ministries website (http://medt.tj/) (http://medt.tj/tg/index/index/pageId/626/) in Tajik language. The Ministry of Energy and Industry (http://minenergoprom.tj/) supervises the fuel sector, giving a legal framework and policies for the market.

According to another internet article (→App. A2), the oil company Gazpromneft-Tajikistan, a subsidiary of the Russian Gazprom oil company, dominates the downstream market for oil products in Tajikistan (35% share of all oil product imports).

"Pricing policy: Fuel prices are deregulated, but Gazpromneft Tajikistan is considered a monopolist and its prices are subject to approval by Antimonopoly Agency.

Impact of Russian export taxes: Tajikistan was exempt from Russian export taxes between 1995 and 2010, but on May 1, 2010, Russia removed tax exemption status. The sharp rise in the export taxes in May 2011 led to a sharp price hike. In Jun 2011, the Russian export tax on gasoline rose as high as US$415.80 per tonne (US$0.56/liter)."

(Source: Kojima, Masami. (2013, forthcoming). “Petroleum product pricing and complementary policies:Experience of 65 developing countries since 2009.” Washington DC: World Bank.)

Fuel Prices and Trends

Gasoline 95 Octane Diesel
in USD*

in Local Currency

* benchmark lines: green=US price; grey=price in Spain; red=price of Crude Oil

Currency was Tajikistani Ruble until 2000.

Fuel Price Composition

Price composition.

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Sources to the Public

Type of Information Web-Link / Source
Other Information http://medt.tj/ (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade)
Other Information http://minenergoprom.tj/ (Ministry of Energy and Industry)


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