Guide to Biogas - From Production to Use

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Guide to Biogas- From Production to Use

Title Guide to Biogas- From Production to Use
Author FNR
Year 2012
Topics Use of Biogas
Document Type Study & Report
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Language(s) English
Abstract Against the backdrop of the continuing climb in global energy prices, energy recovery from organic residues and waste streams is becoming an ever more attractive proposition. Alongside the generation of storable renewable energy, the distributed production of biogas can help not only to develop rural regions but also to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises.Thanks to the positive statutory framework for renewable energy sources that has existed in Germany since 2000,the production and utilisation of biogas has rapidly expandedin recent years. In 2010, there were already over 5,900 biogas plants in existence, the majority of which are operated in an agricultural setting. Over the same period, there have also been significant changes and improvements in the technologies used. Germany's wealth of experience in biogas technology is nowincreasingly in demandat an international level.

The purpose of this Guide, therefore, is to make a contribution to giving exhaustiveand real-worldbased answers to technical, organisational, legal and economic questions in relation to agricultural biogas generation and utilisation.

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