HHP and Flooding

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Title: HHP and Flooding
Questions in detail: Do hydro power plants protect the catchment areas and improve flood prevention? Are there any studies and/or statistical data available regarding this topic?
Topics: Hydropower
Country: Worldwide

The maturity of hydro power plants technology as a way of harnessing cleaner energy means that a lot of experience has been gathered in this area. If designed and operated correctly this allows modern hydro power plants to control and prevent flooding as well as produce energy simultaneously. Smaller schemes still meet multiple challenges and have been shown to contribute towards flooding. This is possible due to small hydro’s effect on the bodies of water in the catchment area, changing their sedimentary flow and their cross-sectional areas in turn allowing flooding events to occur more easily. However, when carefully designed small scale hydro power plants do not necessary have to increase the risk of flooding and can in fact even be used to mitigate the risk.

Follow the link for more information as well as for an overview of studies published on this topic.