Harnessing CO2 Emission Reduction Monitoring to Accelerate EV Adoption

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Harnessing CO2 Emission Reduction Monitoring to Accelerate EV Adoption

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Key Data

Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH; Bodawerk International
December 2021 - July 2023
Project Description
The project’s objective is to create a robust, data-driven study, outlining a method for producing CO2 certificates. The necessary data for this is generated through a physical pilot study. Five electric motorcycles (e-bikes) are distributed to and operated by selected beneficiaries, producing the necessary real-world data for determining the potential for CO2 savings. The CO2 emission reduction monitoring system uses data that is continuously produced and remotely collected by the smart batteries that power the e-bikes. Capacity building measures build up knowledge of the processes required for the generation of CO2 certificates. This is done in accordance with international certification standards by pioneering the application of existing approved monitoring methodologies to the results from Uganda.

The combination of this pilot with the preparation of a written guideline for the methodology for using and calculating CO2 emission reduction in e-mobility and smart battery application represents an ambitious innovative approach. This guideline includes a baseline assessment of the setting for a potential replication by other CO2 certification programmes for e-mobility in Uganda and potentially in other countries in East Africa. Furthermore, the guideline also includes information on the preparation of documents in line with Gold Standard’s and Voluntary Carbon Standard’s requirements that can be used for seeking registration under these standards. Finally, the revenues from the CO2 certificates’ sale can be used to reduce obstacles hindering a widespread use and expansion of innovative e-mobility solutions, such as the e-bikes’ high acquisition costs.
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