Hybrid Vehicles with Exportable Power for Community-Based Agriculture Mechanization

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Project title

Hybrid Vehicles with Exportable Power for Community-Based Agriculture Mechanization

Project country/region

☐ East Asia & Pacific
☐ Europe & Central Asia
☐ Latin America & The Carribean
☐ Middle East & North Africa
☐ North America
South Asia - India
☐ Sub-Saharan Africa

Project organisation

Motivo Engineering

Project description


Motivo is developing a “Swiss-Army Knife” system—the Hybrid Agriculture/Road Vehicles with Electricity Storage and Transformation (HARVEST)—that solves a wide range of agricultural mechanization and power-related problems. HARVEST is a multi-purpose platform that provides power for plowing, well-drilling, cold storage, and transporting crops to market. The system utilizes power from varied energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, micro-hydro turbines, or the grid to enable increased productivity all along the agriculture value chain. The entire system is operated at the community level, and facilitated by mobile communication technology for scheduling, billing, and payments.


HARVEST democratizes opportunity in agriculture by making available to entire communities huge gains in productivity that are enabled through mechanization and reliable power. Varied energy sources will reduce reliance on increasingly-expensive imported diesel, and the system itself will create new skilled jobs for men and women in rural areas in deploying, managing, and maintaining the HARVEST equipment.


Motivo Engineering specializes in electro-mechanical systems to solve complex challenges across diverse market segments. Motivo’s partner, the KVK Foundation, will draw on their extensive rural development experience in India to introduce new technologies to rural villages, while its partner Feuerlabs will offer their expertise in remote data connectivity to develop a management platform for new technologies.

Motivo Engineering participated successfully in the PAEGC Initiative (https://poweringag.org/) and was with its project 'Hybrid Vehicles with Exportable Power for Community-Based Agriculture Mechanization' among the winners of 2013

Project related to following sources of energy


☐ Biomass

☐ Biofuel

☐ Biogas


☐ Geo-Thermal


☐ Energy Efficiency

☐ Other: /

Project primarily related to the following Commodity Groups

☐ Cereals

☐ Fruits and vegetables

☐ Nuts and berries

☐ Forage

☐ Dairy products

☐ Meat products

☐ Oil Seeds

☐ Roots and Tubers

☐ Eggs

☐ Pulses

☐ Fiber Crops

☐ Forestry

☐ Sugars

☐ Stimulants

☐ Spices

☐ Other: /

Project primarily related to the following Agricultural Value Chain Steps

☐ Mechanization

☐ Efficiency of Operation


☐ Transportation

☐ Controlled Atmosphere

☐ Controlled Temperature

☐ Mechanical Sorting

☐ Preservation

☐ Other: /

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