Improved Biogas Unit for Developing Countries

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Improved Biogas Units for Developing Countries

Title Improved Biogas Units for Developing Countries
Author GTZ
Year 1991
Region/Country Africa - Tanzania
Topics Design/Technology
Use of Biogas
Document Type Study & Report
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English : Improved Biogas Units for Developing Countries.pdf

Language(s) English
Abstract This booklet reflects seven years of experience of the Biogas Extension Service (BES) of CAMARTEC (Centre for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technology) in Arusha/ Tanzania which was carried out in cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Eschborn, FRG, 1983 - 1986 as part of the Biogas Extension Programme and as part of the Special Energy Programme during 1983 1990. We appreciate the patient cooperation of the farmers, especially during the starting phase of the programme when the technology was not yet mature.

This publication is meant as a teaching aid in agricultural colleges and as a reference book for professionals working in the field of rural biogas extension. For that reason, the ideal set-up of a biogas unit is described. The CAMARTEC Biogas Extension Service does not claim to have reached the ideal in practice, but has tried to achieve the maximum for the farmer with the least possible interference in their farm management. Used biogas plants are the best proof of an appropriate biogas unit.

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